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Number porting process

It should be mentioned that all numbers were purchased directly from the provider and have never been in use or registered since that time. As soon as the purchase amount has been paid, you will receive an email with the necessary holder change forms, which are specifically filled out for the purchased phone number, as well as the data of the sim card pin/puk & serial number. With this information the number can be overwritten immediately at the preferred provider (Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, etc.). Once this is done, an SMS must be sent from the original sim card (to 499 with "YES") and thus the porting is completed.
The buyer agrees to transfer the number to himself within 2 weeks after receiving all the necessary papers. If this does not happen and the number is lost due to non-use of the prepaid SIM card, the buyer is responsible.

After the purchase, as soon as the money is transferred, you will receive a holder change form and the sim card by registered mail.

Of course, it is part of our service that we will always assist you in the process of number transfer and accompany you until the successful completion of the number porting.

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