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Rhodium mobile number

The current top 3 cell phone numbers in Switzerland are as follows;

076 666 66 66

078 888 88 88

075 555 55 55

The numbers 079 999 99 99 & 077 777 77 77 were never assigned by BAKOM.

The number 078 888 88 88 is not available for less than one million Swiss francs, whether you want to believe it or not. But this is not in our possession.

For our business number 076 666 66 66 we have already received offers in the mid-six figure range.

If you are looking for something unique, you are welcome to make us an offer for one of our rhodium mobile numbers on 076 666 66 66

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2.1 million euros for a cell phone number 6666666 is worth the equivalent of 2.1 million euros to an Arab. After all, he owns the most expensive cell phone number in the world. A resident of the Arab Emirate of Qatar shouldn't have to worry about the amount of his cell phone bill. This week he leafed out the equivalent of 2.1 million euros for his telephone number. It's called 6666666 and is currently the most expensive phone number in the world. Incidentally, the money goes to a charitable cause and was raised in connection with an auction by the Arabic telephone company Qtel (currently offline). The previous record was just the equivalent of 400,000 euros, a Chinese airline had spent the sum for the number 8888888. The Chinese word for 8 sounds similar to the word for rich. Here in Germany, too, seven of the same digits had already been assigned as mobile phone numbers several times. However, these only went for a four to five-digit euro amount. For most people, cell phone numbers are just numbers. They may be happy for a moment when they get a "nice" combination of numbers when signing the contract, but that's about it. You need and have a cell phone number, but you don't think about it any further. But there are also people for whom their cell phone number is more than just a boring and arbitrary sequence of numbers. Some people want a very specific sequence of numbers. According to information from the specialist portal, for example, a man in Qatar paid an insane record price for his cell phone number: the sequence of numbers 666 6666 was worth a proud 2.1 million euros a resident of the Arab Emirate of Qatar. He paid the equivalent of almost 3.3 million francs for the number. The money goes to a charitable cause and was raised in connection with an auction held by the Arab telephone company Qtel. The previous record was around 625,000 francs for number 8888888.

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